Chlidren Education






“Education is the movement from darkness to light”. As Nepal is one of the world’s developing countries, people in rural areas are facing extreme poverty. They cannot afford to send their children to schools. In many areas there are not in any case sufficient schools. Children drop out at grades seven – nine to help their parents with their work in the fields. In this scenario the HTCDN is striving to help out children deprived of education.

We provide scholarships for 25 students from different districts. We provide them with support every month. Now they can go to school and are glad have access to education.

The HTCDN plans to provide scholarships for 25 more students in this year 2020 but we cannot do this alone so would welcome helping hands and generous hearts.





HTCDN provides uniforms for students from the poor families. Many families could not  afford new uniforms for their children when sending them to school.

In 2020 we plan to distribute uniforms to 200 students.




The HTCDN provides stationery for students having difficulty to purchasing it. When the parents could not afford the stationery, their children’s education can be affected, but we at HTCDN try to help those students out.


We plan to distribute stationery items to about 200 students in 2020!






HTCDN also provides school backpacks to students in need. In 2019 we did provide over 200 backpacks. We are thankful to helping hands for sharing sharing their resources with the disadvantaged students in Gorkha district.


We plan to distribute about 200 more backpacks in 2020. We would appreciate any kind of help turning those plans into reality.




HTCDN provides school shoes to needy children, good quality shoes that can last for a year.

HTCDN is planning to distribute 200 shoes in the year 2020.


We work with several schools and give training in physical health, hygiene and sanitation, child rights, child abuse, trauma counselling and disaster preparedness. We try to promote children’s rights and better education and strive to improve their participation and involvement at schools. This helps to reduce the schools’ dropout rate. We also have teamwork games, dancing and singing etc.

We provide teaching practice, child safety, hygiene and sanitation workshops and training for primary and secondary school teachers.