Vocational Education


A large proportion of Nepal’s manpower is unskilled and therefore unable to find better jobs with better pay. HTCD Nepal strives to provide people with proper technical and income generating skills, which will help them and their families to live better lives.

So far HTCDN has provided a variety of training to the local communities, such as house building, beekeeping, knitting and tailoring, computer repairing, organic farming, plumber, electrician, mechanic, etc.

We would welcome and like to work in partnership with individuals or organization that are willing to provide vocational training to people from rural communities in Nepal.






Rural communities people do not have many income-generating resources and so cannot make ends meet. We think that micro-enterprises such as grocery or vegetable shops and tailoring businesses could have a great impact on families, providing them with a better way to generate income.

For instance, we provide sewing machines to those who have been trained in tailoring so that they can start their own micro-business to provide for the needs of a small family.

Another cheaper but effective option is a plastic greenhouse which will enable famers to grow crops in the off-seasons too.

We are studying many options for micro-enterprises