Nepal was hit by a major earthquake on April 25, 2015. More than ten thousand lives were claimed by the earthquake. The CLC USA, The Faith Foundation Nepal and other organizations partnered to reach out to people in several districts with bags of rice and other items for the survival of communities in need. About a thousand families were assisted at the time of the disaster.

Similarly, in 2017, torrential rain fell in Nepal causing floods and landslides, HTCD, the CLC US and the Christian Churches Fellowship of Nepal responded quickly with food supplies to flood-affected areas. Banke and Dang district in the west and Mahottari district in the southeast region of Nepal were reached with basic supplies. More than five hundred families were assisted during the monsoon season.

This year we plan to distribute over 500 buckets of food and supplies to five hundred families.



HTCDN provided tents and temporary shelters for the earthquake and flood-affected families with the assistance of the CLC USA and other organizations. We provided blankets, flashlights and mosquito nets to prevent Malaria and collected used clothing and cooking utensils for people who had lost almost everything except their lives.

This year we plan to provide over a thousand mosquito nets in the southern plains.