Current Plans

Plans set for 2020

1.We plan to distribute uniforms, shoes, backpacks and stationery for children in need. These items are to be distributed as a one-off gift to students in rural Nepal.
2.HTCDN plans to provide scholarships for 50 students for 12 months.
3.HTCDN plans to provide sewing and tailoring training for 45 women. At the end of the training each woman will be provided with a sewing machine to start her own business.
4.HTCDN plans to drill 5 wells in 2020. Each well would benefit about 1,000 people in five different villages.
5.HTCDN plans to prevent Malaria through the distribution of mosquito nets. We plan to distribute 1,000 mosquito to nets (April-May 2020) which will benefit about 2,500 people.
6.As the monsoon rains fall on the country from June-August, we plan to distribute 500 buckets together with food and supplies for 500 families (2,500 people) for a week.
7.HTCDN plans organize health and hygiene training and workshops for student in rural schools.
8.It is planned to organize seminars on gender and caste-based discrimination.
9.HTCDN plans to provide teachers’ training on pedagogy to the teachers in rural areas.
10.Low cost micro-enterprises are planned, green house tunnel farming, goat distribution, chicken distribution, and piglet distribution for low-income families.







Future Plans

Plans to be accomplished in the future

1.Establishing Montessori education in the near future for children of poor working mothers. Discussion by and suggestions from interested individuals and organizations are welcome.
2.We plan to start offering micro-finance loans and are studying and working on the model.
3.We plan to open a free medical consultancy with medicines for destitute people.
4.We plan to provide a variety of vocational education to young people from marginalized communities.
5.We plan to distribute about 1,000 care packages for newborns to be sent to the rural tribal areas where there is poor sanitation and hygiene.
6.We are working to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by 2030.